What turn do you think SUI price will take in the coming weeks?

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Nothing in cryptocurrency is predictable but for me I’m seeing $5


I dreamt and saw it at $6.3 last night buddy

Yh one crazy part of cryptocurrency :joy: all we can do is hope and pray

Well not to beagainst them anything is possible @emizoimanuel

i agree to you bro… :grinning:

Its a good question… Any coin/token price depends upon the team working behind it and people associated with it… I have found the SUI FOUNDATION team very peculiar through several announcements made over time on discord and twitter… I have following opinion about them
– They are very confused. They dont stick to their words
– They dont analyze the things properly, that is why more than 60% of early users are literally unhappy.
When 60% of the early users hates SUI and teams is not strong enough for taking any decision, then they are going to be doomed…
***It is completely my analysis . Do not own hard feelings for my opinion

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Sui will trade within $1-$2 for now like arb is doing

Really great


Really true🤲