What to do when badges don't reflect and some tips

While trying to get badges, some won’t reflect while some might prove difficult to understand
just lick onebox
try sharing a post directly to twitter and see if that helps you get that badge

First Quote and First Link has to do with replying a conversation, maybe with a link or thoughtful procesess
About getting mentioned
network with folks here or have your friends do it for you

i haven’t done all and i’m still struggling with some
just felt to put this out here a is might help some folks
N.B: No one taught or helped me
i just figured them out
also it might not work for you as it did for me
i’m just trying to help explain the one’s i feel might give some issues

feel free to reply this with other helpful information so others can benefit from it.
Would be nice if there is a well detailed thread or information on how to get badges



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Like this comment and quote it. and Tag me in reply. Also reply to this comment from your email to get the badge.

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Don’t worry, Badges will always reflect as long as you interact within the community.