What to do in Aptos at the moment? #1 ENG

Public oil sales are no longer profitable, airfields and retrodrops are on a joint calculation for 10 years, WHAT TO DO? Found for you several options for profiting from the new hyped blockchain.

The first part: obtaining WL on future sales in the Topaz project

1.Go to topaz.so
2.Scroll down and look for “Upcoming Topaz Launchpad Mints”

  1. We go to the Twitter project by clicking on the icon of the launchpad, which was not there yet, from Twitter we go to the Discord of the project we liked and perform various activities, in some projects there are clear tasks, but for example, as in Aptos Alpha Alpacas, you just need to be an active user, for example help beginners, make memes, invite referrals.
  2. Wait for announcements

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Thank you , i always try to help Aptos community

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