What Makes AptosLaunch Different from Other Launch Pads?


AptosLaunch offers a strategized token launch experience with customized launch model , time period and accepted token types backed by it auction algorithms.

But in terms of decentralization and governance, what exactly makes AptosLaunch different from other launch pads ?


Thank you sir

  1. AptosLaunch have insurance to cover long period if dump price token/coin happen for IDO/Privat Sale investor (2 month)
  2. Most popular project in Aptos Ecosystem

I would like to know the same thing. besides investment protection insurance, what makes AptosLaunch different to other competitor launchpads?


See the team and the community. They all stand united and have a great potential for 2023

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I have 1660 ALT (bought from 0.05 10 APT + 1 APT insurance). Now 500 ALT unlocked and I staked them. Waiting for more news. Good project.


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I think aptoslaunch have a great marteting

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