What makes Aptos stands out

Aptos is a layer 1 blockchain with resource objects and Move programming language. Aptos newly released crypto project aims for safe, scalable, and upgradeable proof-of-stake infrastructure.

How does the Aptos blockchain work?

From a high-level standpoint, Aptos chain works as follows:

  • Proof-of-stake (PoS) with BFT consensus and staked validators
  • Segmentation into full nodes and light clients
  • A parallel transaction engine with BlocksSTM to increase throughput.
  • Flexible and simple Move language for custom smart contracts, security, and audit.
  • Modular design where changes are introduced to individual nodes.
  • Logical data model where resources cannot be discarded.
  • Concurrent execution of all key stages of the transaction.
  • Structured path to add scaling validators.
  • Unified state sharing to boost validators’ performance.

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the strong community behind it i guess