What is your opinion on Elon Musk limiting the amount of tweets users need to read for a day?

Elon made a tweet yesterday limiting the amount of tweets that will be viewed for verified, Non verified and new users.

What is your Opinion on this decision my the CEO of twitter?

Personally, I think this is a very bad decision and it’s gonna take away the fun part of twitter.
Elon has always talked about free speech and how he got twitter to activate free speech and all but after few months this is him giving free speech in one hand and limiting it with the other hand.

He might have done this to lure more users to get verified so that he makes more money from twitter.

I see this as an experiment and feedback from users will determine if he sticks to that or change. But I believe this is just temporal as said on the tweet and we gonna see twitter back to it’s normal mode.

While on this, Web 3 users like me, can resort to platforms like Lens and many others.


Very bad for Twitter , very bad.


Looks like this is finally the end of Twitter, Elon has abused the users far too much.


very nice for end


does not matter to me, cos I am not a tweet addict lol


I am sure he will adjust.

That’s really nice for you. People like me gonna suffer. I don’t do any other social media other than Twitter.

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i don’t like Elon’s policy for Twitter but even so… don’t think Twitter is going to fail…


Lets hope he finds sense and does.


Sorry about that but 600 post per day for unverified or even 330 per day new, not enough ??? I am sorry but there is more than life than twitter in my humble opinion. But your case may be different, again sorry for your situation. Cheers


Thanks Fam. Glad everything is normal again.

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