What is the necessity of web3?

The discussions in a web3 tutorial generally start with an overview of previous stages in the internet’s history. The previous generations of the web, such as web1 and web2, showcase the reasons for which web3 is a necessity today. Web 1.0, or the first iteration of the internet, featured only static websites, which served as use cases for disseminating information. The next stage of the internet arrived in the form of web2 and allowed users to contribute content.

Web 2.0 served as the foundation for expanding user-generated content alongside e-commerce applications on a massive scale. However, web2 has been maligned with concerns regarding data privacy and protection of the digital identity of users. Big tech companies impose control over the content of users and use it for monetary gains. Therefore, a decentralized version of the web with users in control of their data is an obvious necessity.