What is so special about Aptos?

Many crypto enthusiasts are already calling Aptos ‘The Solana Killer’, thanks to its potential of becoming the fastest blockchain network yet. But this unique network has more than speed to its name.

The way transactions are processed on the Aptos Blockchain is what makes it truly special. On most other networks, all transactions are recorded on a single chain, sequentially, and disruptions on a single block can cause delays in subsequent transactions.

Aptos processes transactions parallel to each other (side by side) via a modular network and then validates them after. This also means that disruptions in a single block don’t affect the whole chain. This is the main reason why the Aptos network has the potential to be incredibly fast as maximum computer power is used to efficiently validate the transactions.


Aptos is the best blockchain

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Actually… what makes it more special is the airdrop :joy::grin:


i like aptos