What is next after Sui Launch

It is no longer news that sui mainnet launched today, and allowlisted participants got as much as $2000 for the $45 presale they participated in. This has brought the spotlight back on sui which was rapidly beginning to fade.
Rest assured the next couple of days will be busy on the sui blockchain network as a lot of projects - especially NFTs -will be looking to capitalise on the hype now to get launched. It will be wise to DYOR and capitalise on the projects worth investing in, so as to make easy money this period.
That being said, I would like to talk about Starknet and argent wallet.

ArgentX launched the starknet xplorer campaign. “8 NFT drops over the next 8 weeks”
For the 1st Week you have to

  1. Use argentX’s inbuilt Swap Feature at least 2 times in different dates before 9 May.
  2. Use dapps which are showing in dappland. Atleast 2 swaps

This should get you positioned for the first week.

More information to follow.



this project can make profit too

I try my best I wasn’t given

Doesnt mean you should get tired now. You will surely get the next one if you keep at it.

This is the dapp link

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Argent is definitely cooking something … :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


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