What is it to be come wealthy 🤑?

Talking about being wealthy

NB: I’m not a writer but a coder (computer programer) So pardon my mistake if there is any mistake.

Have you ever question your self that “how wealthy did i want to become in life?”
Probably Yes. But majority did not know what they really want and they think it is just by having huge amount of money but being wealthy is beyond that Fam that is when you will see some folks out there that they will have money I mean money and still feel lonely and depressed

Well… Wealth can mean different things to different people, but generally, it refers to a holistic concept that requires individuals to pursue goals related to health, relationship, personal development, career, social connections, financial and spiritual growth. By setting specific, measurable goals in these areas and working towards them, individuals can achieve long-term wealth and well-being.


I think being wealthy is not just about the money you got , far beyond that


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