What is gas? Why is it used

What is gas?

While you may think of filling up your car, or even what you ate earlier in the day, when you hear the term gas, the term has a special context in the world of crypto. Gas in crypto refers to the unit that measures the amount of computational effort required to execute specific operations on Aptos. You must pay a gas fee in order to execute a transaction onAptos. Whether you are on Aptos Wallet the desktop extension, you will always need to pay for gas when executing transactions.

Need to send your mom some APT? That transaction requires gas. Want to lend out your money via ? That transaction requires gas too. What about buying an NFT? You guessed it–gas. Gas is like a toll. If you want to use the highway, you have to pay the toll so the government has money to maintain the highway. The more duress a vehicle puts the road under, the higher the toll the driver must pay. Tolls are a lot higher for 18 wheelers than motorcycle drivers.

Similarly, the more complex the transaction on Aptos, the higher the gas fee, since the transaction will require more computational effort.


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