What is Aptos? Your ultimate guide

Aptos is a recently launched blockchain designed to solve these problems. As the system’s says: “We present the Aptos blockchain, designed with scalability, safety, reliability, and upgradeability as key principles, to address these challenges. The Aptos blockchain has been developed over the past three years by over 350+ developers across the globe. It offers new and novel innovations in consensus, smart contract design, system security, performance and decentralisation. The combination of these technologies will provide a fundamental building block to bring Web3 to the masses.”

Something that also links in with what we were talking about earlier is that the system’s founders, CEO, were formerly employees of Meta, and responsible for the (ultimately cancelled) attempts to create the Diem blockchain and the Novi crypto wallet. While those plans never came to fruition, the skills and technology that were already there are being utilised for this new project.

As a post by Shaikh said: “We have had the luxury of thinking about these problems alongside some of the brightest engineers in the world for years. Since departing Meta (formerly Facebook) we have been able to put our ideas into motion, ditch bureaucratic red tape, and build an entirely new network from the ground up that brings them to fruition. We’re now ready to socialise those ideas more broadly and start shipping the infrastructure that we’ve been perfecting.

“Aptos will be built in part on the technology we developed in the open over the past three years. Aptos is using Move, the safe and reliable language originally developed for Diem. The ideas we conceived then are still relevant and will serve as an important foundation for a safe, scalable, upgradable Web3. [Our plans for decentralisation and permissionless access are progressing quickly and will be developed in the open.”]


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