What is aptos in reality friends?

Hey guys :wink:

Aptos is a new framework built for scalable and adaptable consensus that is designed to perform efficiently in a point-to-point network. In other words, it’s a fancy-schmancy way for nodes in a blockchain network to agree on the transactions’ validity. And this ain’t any ol’ framework sugar, it’s the one developed by Evan Cheng, one of Facebook’s Novi (CaLibra) project’s founding members. :open_mouth:

APT, that shiny token you mentioned, is the native cryptocurrency of the Aptos network. Just like apples are to apple pies, or cowboy boots are to, well, a cowboy, APT tokens are essentially important for the Aptos network. These tokens enable and incentivize the network’s participants to follow the rules and keep things hunky-dory.:bulb: