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An Overview of the Comprehensive Aptos Ecosystem
An Overview of the Comprehensive Aptos Ecosystem
23 Feb 2023
11 min

Vladislav Malynovskyi
Blockchain has been transforming how people transact digitally for the past few years. Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, Avalanche – these and many more names in the blockchain world are well-known to everyone connected to Web3, DeFi, and dApps.

Blockchain-based apps are fast, scalable, transparent, and perfectly decentralized, which is a new word in the digital market. That’s why it’s not surprising that dApps are gaining momentum among businesses, developers, and users, with the market size evaluated at $10+ billion in 2022 and expected to grow at a CAGR of 87%+ until 2030.

Now the blockchain community witnesses a new star rising: Aptos. A blockchain project with many brand-new features and a big promise, Aptos is the creation of a former Meta team who worked on the Diem blockchain. Thus, Aptos has many eyeballs on it right now, and we’ve prepared this article to familiarize you with the ins and outs of the Aptos ecosystem, main features, use cases, as well as its business benefits.

What Is Aptos Blockchain?
The Aptos blockchain is an innovative layer-1 system written in the Move programming language. It was created by the former Diem development team at Meta. The blockchain’s genesis took place in October 2022, and its mainnet, Aptos Autumn, saw the world on October 17, 2022.

The project has attracted much attention among users and investors thus far, which is partly explained by a fundamentally different approach to blockchain architecture and unique perks (low commissions, cutting-edge security, parallel transaction execution). Besides, there’s a veil of mystery surrounding Aptos development, as Meta abandoned the Diem project, and its coders built Aptos using Move, the language developed specifically for Diem.

Thus, with an ambitious Diem project foundation, Aptos holds a promise of a disruptive blockchain project that will deliver truly fast, scalable, and affordable solutions to the growing audience of Web3 users. Its market cap is quickly growing, exceeding $2.6bn by February 16.

The present-day APT coin’s cost is $16+, a significant improvement since the token’s launch at $8.5 (Coinmarketcap data). Besides, the project has a vibrant, quickly expanding community, with 370,000+ followers on Twitter and 150,000+ Discord members (data valid for mid-February 2023).


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