What is a Bitcoin ETF?2 Fake News BTC Bursts 25 Points?

Bitcoin ETF is a trading platform trading fund based on Bitcoin. Buying a Bitcoin ETF can indirectly purchase Bitcoin, lowering the threshold for ordinary users to access and purchase Bitcoin, and at the same time providing institutional investors with a channel for investing in Bitcoin, bringing in more incoming funds and market liquidity.
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Recently, the bitcoin ETF discussion has been boisterous, and every now and then there is a fake news, bursting pull a few points; information true or false has not yet been officially announced, but there is no doubt that the market ripples have been stirred up.This article together to learn what is bitcoin ETF, understand the concept in order to fomo information, keep rational thinking, not to be led by the nose by market sentiment.
The first thing to understand is what ETFs are, or Exchange Traded Funds.ETF is a kind of open-ended fund listed and traded on the stock exchange with variable fund shares, which has the advantages of low cost, convenient and fast trading, portfolio transparency, etc., and at the same time, it has a special subscription and redemption mechanism.An ETF is an index fund that tracks a basket of stocks in the broader stock market trend, which can be understood as a kind of package, and by investing in an ETF, the user is equivalent to purchasing each product in the package.A basket of stocks effectively prevents investors from stepping on mines and diversifies risk; buying this package is equivalent to buying the entire sector, saving time in researching each stock.
A Bitcoin ETF, is a trading platform trading fund based on Bitcoin.By purchasing a Bitcoin ETF, you are indirectly purchasing Bitcoin, and the user owns a fund that tracks Bitcoin rather than owning Bitcoin, and the two are the same in terms of returns.Purchasing a Bitcoin ETF without worrying about the theft of the bitcoins in the wallet, without having to think about how to use the wallet, greatly reduces the threshold for ordinary users to access and purchase bitcoins; It also provides institutional investors with a channel to invest in bitcoins, which brings in more incoming funds, provides market liquidity, and stimulates the demand for more derivatives.More importantly, if the Bitcoin ETF application is approved, it means that Bitcoin is brought under regulation and its legal compliance is officially recognized, and it will also bring new opportunities and boost to the entire crypto market.
The fake news of these two Bitcoin ETF approvals brought about a return of confidence in the market and a rise in the BTC price.The first news came when media outlet Cointelegraph tweeted fake news that “US SEC approves ISHARES Bitcoin Spot ETF” and the price of Bitcoin quickly rose from $27,000 to $30,000;The second news is that BlackRock has posted the CUSIP number prepared for the review and approval of the Bitcoin Spot ETF on its official website.CUSIP, known as Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures, is the Committee of the American Bankers Association’s Uniform Securities Identification Number.While this is the ETF listing process, a pre-listing preparation, it means that BlackRock is starting to get ready to pump money into this fund, meaning that a Bitcoin ETF review and approval is imminent, showing that BlackRock is confident.
After the official announcement, Bitcoin continued to rise again, at one point topping $35,000; but then BlackRock removed the CUSIP number from its official website, and it seemed like everything was working back to square one.The price of Bitcoin is currently fluctuating around $34,000 and it is not clear how the market will continue.
In addition to the global king of funds, BlackRock, several other institutions in the U.S. have applied to submit bitcoin spot ETFs, but none of them have had a definitive approval yet.From the key time points for the review of Bitcoin Spot ETF applications compiled by BlockBeats, the earliest of the SEC’s final review deadline dates is January 10, 2024, which means that the various recent news are just empty rumors, and there has not been an official and definitive announcement from the SEC.Maybe it’s just a user getting high, or an organization’s marketing strategy.Crypto market all kinds of good news is early power, after the landing is short. these two bitcoin ETF review through the news, just fake news, but the market sentiment is high, the price continues to pull up.
One industry bigwig said that the logic of pinning the future of the decentralized industry on the regulatory policies of centralized institutions is a bit untenable. It’s also expressing the market’s overly high expectations for Bitcoin ETFs.Blockchain being decentralized and the Bitcoin Spot ETF going back to being regulated by a central body does sound a bit contradictory. I wonder if Satoshi Nakamoto ever considered being regulated when he designed Bitcoin back in the day.On the one hand, the market hopes that the Bitcoin ETF review will pass, allowing more ordinary users to participate in the crypto market, bringing more liquidity and benefits to the market; on the other hand, it is worried that if it really goes back to institutional regulation, then how to achieve decentralization?
For ordinary individual players, perhaps not have the energy to think about decentralization and institutional regulation of macro-class policy, just hope that in the market upturn can be ambushed in advance, buy in the low sell in the high point.Also be careful not to be wrapped up in the market fomo emotions, chase high or cut meat; do not in the true and false news stimulation and add positions to reduce positions, cut meat and leverage operations. may you just want to seize the opportunity to do the swing, and do the bureau, just high shipping or harvesting.When the market mood is up, why not let the bullets fly for a while, the market will not be so short-lived when it arrives, and don’t just cut your meat, because there is a possibility that you will just be harvested by the mood.As for the value of the Bitcoin Spot ETF, the market will give a clear answer in the future.Being in a bear market right now, it is better to manage your position first, not to be washed off the bus, and then figure out the future opportunities.The above is just a personal opinion, no investment advice. i’m @ceomatte and i’m following the crypto market and web3 can also give me a follow on X.


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