What information can projects acces galxe pasport sdk?

According to the Galxe ID SDK website, projects can access the following information from Galxe ID users with their permission:

  • Basic profile: This includes the user’s name, email, avatar, and bio.

  • Social profile: This includes the user’s social media accounts, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

  • Verified credentials: This includes the user’s verified credentials issued by trusted issuers, such as identity, education, skills, achievements, etc.

  • Custom credentials: This includes the user’s custom credentials issued by any issuer, such as memberships, subscriptions, rewards, etc.

Projects can use the Galxe ID SDK to request and obtain access to these information from Galxe ID users in order to provide them with personalized and enhanced services and experiences. For example, projects can use the user’s verified credentials to verify their identity and eligibility for certain services or benefits. Projects can also use the user’s custom credentials to offer them exclusive or customized features or rewards.

The Galxe ID SDK is a developer interface that allows projects to integrate with the Galxe ID network, which is a Web3 credential data network that enables users to create and manage their digital identities and credentials. The Galxe ID network is powered by the Aptos blockchain, which is a next-generation Layer 1 blockchain that uses the Move programming language and the Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus. The Aptos blockchain provides a fast, secure, and scalable platform for decentralized applications.