What if you have multiple domains and subdomains

Hi all, on the agenda are domen’s and subdomains. I know that this is a kind of digital footprint. Instead of lots of numbers and letters (the usual wallet) we see a beautiful domain or subdomain name. I have this question for discussion. Is it possible to have more than one domain (or even subdomains)? If so, what will my digital footprint look like in that case? Which domain will be displayed and which will be the main one? (The one that is first purchased and connected to the wallet?).
I have 1 domain and 3 subdomains in particular. I see in practice that the bluemove site for example displays me as my first purchased subdomains. If I disconnect the “target address” from this subdomen and leave only my domen, what happens to my past transactions?
Please share your experience and opinion.


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What’s the question? If you track transactions for the project, then leave your wallet address. The document is made for convenience and no more

Doesn’t the name of the attached domain become a replacement for the wallet address?

Please note My problem is solved and Aptos names added the choice of the main domain. To do it
1 Visit Aptos Names
2 Hover over the name you prefer
3 Select Set as Primary Name.
Be careful, choose mainly a name that can be assumed only 1 time.