What if i told you, that being active in forum is not enough?

51% of tokens are allocated to the community.

Follow this step-by-step guide to be eligible…

480 million $APT tokens are still up for grabs by the community, insane!

Let’s dive right in!

❶ Let’s visit the Aptos Bridge and move funds across any chain to Aptos.


With Aptos Bridge on LayerZero, we maximize our odds of getting both airdrops (ZRO + APT)!

❷ Now, we need to install and use a little bit of the Petra wallet.


❸ Head straight to https://liquidswap.com, connect your wallet, and start swapping.

To boost your chances, I’ll recommend making a total volume of $1k.

❹ Ready to dive into the NFT market? Okay, let’s go to https://bluemove.net and buy/sell NFT’s.

Or if you prefer, check out another marketplace: https://topaz.so. Both are good for us.

❺ Get a domain name at https://aptosnames.com!

Remember, you should remain an active user by making weekly transactions from time to time.

❻ Our next stop is: https://app.tortuga.finance

Here, you can easily stake your APT for a good % return. Additionally, you can use staked Aptos (tAPT) throughout the Aptos ecosystem.

Last but not least, The final step is to visit Aptos.

Just register an account and then collect different Community Badges.

That’s all for now …!

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