What I learned in my short time spent on cryptocurrency

What I learned in my short time spent on cryptocurrency.

  1. You should not keep all your money on one exchange. A simple example of FTX crash. You should always diversify your portfolio. If you keep all your money in one exchange you should think twice. The best option would be to buy a cold wallet (it’s not that expensive), and keep most of your money there. And the small part of the deposit, which you are ready to lose, can be stored on exchanges, for quick and comfortable exchange of different tokens or futures trading. If you are not ready to buy a cold wallet, you can scatter your money in different networks. Leave something in MetaMask, send part of it to Solana network and so on.
  2. Don’t fall in love with projects. Owning an asset should not cause you any emotions at all. Only numbers and profitability are important.
  3. do not need to keep all your funds in one stabelcoin. UST proved it to us
    What can you add from your experience?