What has been your experience investing in cryptocurrency- was it profitable?

You recently stumbled upon cryptocurrency. Surely you also have already heard one of these countless stories of people who claim to have made a bunch of bucks with Bitcoins for instance. But most of the time you hear that they invested extremely early. The question, which of course is now of biggest interest: Is it still profitable to in cryptocurrencies?

I will give you a reasons why an investment in Bitcoins, for example, still makes sense and which mistakes you should absolutely avoid. But let’s start with a short, instructive story – from which, if you read the article to the end, you can certainly take a lot with you. Now then, another story from the section:

Stories to learn from

A man invested some money in Bitcoins as early as 2015, when he was even more naive and younger than today. At that time, the price per bitcoin was about $800. This should be the misinvestment of his life! At least that’s what he thought. Since it was the first time he had invested in anything, he looked at the Bitcoin Prize every day (several times). The market fell and fell steadily, the man became more and more nervous, and the price soon reached about $550. A disaster! What else could he think of but to sell the Bitcoins as fast as possible in order not to lose everything completely. Thought & done.the man was now without Bitcoins, had lost 30% of his money and wanted to forget the whole story. That again: Thought, done. Until January 2017, he simply did not care about the crypto market at all.

What do we learn from that?

So, do you have any idea who that mysterious person might be facing? A person who has clearly made a very big mistake in retrospect. A mistake I don’t want you to make. A mistake that has happened to so many people. A mistake that I think nobody in this market should ever make. The person panicked.panicked, and He lost money, a lot of money. Do you understand the last sentence? He lost a lot of money – but not because he had made a really bad investment that turned out to bring him shit after years, no, it’s for the simple reason that he invested into something he didn’t really understand at that time and just panicked when he saw the price decrease “all in a sudden” within just a few weeks. But what you need to know is that this is completely normal.

Cryptocurrency is probably the most volatile investment of the world right now. You can have a 30% loss within just a day – and then a 50% increase the next one. Now, that’s not something that happens a lot (at least not with such extreme numbers), but it happens. And you need to learn to just not panic.keep your investment and don’t touch it, everything will turn out just well And a pretty good.


Thanks great case study, just buy & hodl for long time will take more profit


thanks bro for helpfull experience


I bought 20000 BNB at $2 2017. In 2019 after a long bear market, BNB rallied back to $5 and I sold it all. This is probably the biggest mistake of my life!


so sad, me too, buy 200.000.000 DOGE with 3000$ and sold all at 10000$