What future awaits airdrops?

Yesterday, we received an airdrop of $NEXT. It might not be a popular opinion, but in my view, without addressing the issue of Sybil, there won’t be anything good left with airdrops. Only filtering out users with multiple wallets can potentially restore some value to airdrops.

Firstly, the rampant use of multiple wallets by a small number of individuals diminishes the equitable distribution of airdrop tokens, making it unfair for the broader community.

Secondly, when airdrops are indiscriminately distributed to a large number of users, many of whom have no genuine interest in the project, it dilutes the community’s engagement and commitment.

Additionally, by taking measures to identify and filter out Sybil accounts, airdrops can target genuine supporters and enthusiasts who are more likely to actively participate in and contribute to the project’s growth.

Lastly, without addressing Sybil-related issues, airdrops risk becoming mere promotional tools with no real impact or value, ultimately undermining their original purpose of fostering community involvement and decentralized distribution of tokens.


this is true. i guess that is where sismo protocol comes in.


I suggest project start using IP address and mobile data subscribers as a criteria. You csnt use multiple wallets to sybil a project to several thousands of wallet. So unfair


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