What do you use when developing designs for projects?

Hi all. How does your typical day go when designing for projects? How do you set up for a good imagination. What programs help you in your business? What are your favorite fonts or textures?


So many questions and no one answer ))
When i don’t know how to start any work or project, I just open my notebook and start printing text with my minds about it, making any plan…And this activate my brains and i know what to do next.
You need just to start, and all be fine


I understand how things are built. I just wanted to ask the designers what they use :slight_smile:


Hey there! Thanks for asking about my design process. My typical day when working on a design project usually starts with some research and brainstorming to get a sense of the project and gather inspiration. From there, I’ll usually create some sketches or wireframes to start visualizing the design, and then move on to creating mockups or prototypes using design software like Adobe Creative Suite or Sketch.

To set up for a good imagination, I try to take breaks and engage in activities that help me relax and think creatively, like going for a walk or working on a hobby outside of design. I also like to surround myself with visual inspiration, like keeping a mood board or design inspiration board.

As for favorite fonts and textures, it really depends on the project and the aesthetic I’m going for. I like to mix it up and try out different combinations to see what works best. Overall, I try to choose fonts and textures that complement each other and help convey the desired mood or message of the design.

Ussualy i use robotto, times new roman, open sans, sohne

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