What do you think of degen trading?

I saw someone make 6eth just from this degen trading. If you have any experience with this please share


Does degen trading really need experience? I dunno but i think it is really just trading without any analysis


Luck + Good Thinking

More like degenerate trading! Going into a trade with no clear description of utilities the token offers.

No project roadmap or whitepaper. Just ape and inshallah.

But it’s for whales. Traders with a lot to spare. Ones with connections to 1st hand informations. They get inside info most times before trade commences.

When you want to degen trade, follow the whales closely, track their wallets, try figuring them out and that’s how you’ll kinda make profits. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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degen trading needs exeperience in my imo

you have to actìvely belong to a community to get updates


Yes that really helps a lot. Information in the degen world is key

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