What do you think about the development of NFT on Aptos?

Many projects have moved from Solana and another networks. The developers consider Aptos to be a very promising blockchain. What development do you think awaits the NFT market on Aptos and in general in crypto? :thinking:


Good question. I believe that the NFT market will move in a slightly different direction. More and more NFTs will appear with their unique utility.

Oh… I hope there will be less scam than other networks and more worthy projects


Many projects switched to Aptos for several reasons:

  1. They saw a quick $$ here and they don’t do anything sensible - I don’t like it, I recommend doing project research
  2. Aptos is managed by interesting personas, which attracted many projects that want to build something from scratch and be the “OG”
  3. NFT on Aptos has been very well received, by the sheer number of starting projects, you can assess the success of this blockchain, you know some are better, others are worse (always DYOR!)
  4. It seems to me that Aptos will make a brick in the NFT world and will improve their functionality over time, introduce something new and promising.
    With the influx of people, NFT will become more popular and appreciated

I hope that too


And less scammers. Because they are just awful :expressionless:

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Move is a huge advantage. Aptos uses Move, Sui will use Move. So far we’ll see a popularization of Move. More projects will come here

I think aptos will revive the nft and replace salana, which at its peak was also very promising, eo was just a pretty raw blockchain to take it all out. If aptos is brought to mind, it will be a boom in the world of nft

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that s a cool opinion)