What do you think about the APTOS project in general? What is your attitude towards the project and do you think that APT after the bear market will jump into space along with the entire ecosystem?

Yes definitely.:muscle::handshake:t3:

You can say that again

Hello ALL,

Is there anything else going on here? Guys, is APTOS dead? :smiling_face_with_tear:

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So many things are going on here.

Of course no. Far from that.

good job, brother

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Good Job? Why ? :slight_smile:

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Worrying about the lull in the ecosystem is definitely not worth it. It takes a little time for developers to understand the pros of the development lang and identify possible perspectives. At this point, the price talk has nothing constructive to say.


Very true mate :handshake:t3:

Many things for your information,we have been developing mate

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Okay great bro :slight_smile:

time will tell what happens next. I’m hoping they’ll hit it hard in the next bull market

Oh great to hear. And I hope so too

What projects have you invested in with APTOS?

A możesz napisać jakie to były projekty?

Być może Mojito, albo jakieś NFTeki.

Mam na portfelu ARC COIN i jakies poole

Może jeszcze nie wszystko stracone, być może z czasem projekty wrócą.
Trzeba czekać na lepsze czasy

Nothing is lost please. This is crypto. If you know, you know.

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When you think good project is dead it means it’s a matter of time to rise again :slight_smile: