What do you think about Aptos

Aptos is a layer-1 blockchain designed with high scalability and modular architecture, which makes it quite flexible according to the needs of its users. These two properties make Aptos a blockchain platform that can fulfill a wide range of uses.

Aptos is a blockchain that leverages the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism with additional innovations from the Aptos team such as Aptos BFT, BlockSTM, and Move.

what else do you know from aptos? answer in the comments!!!



Udah q react yak :+1:

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I think in few times, it should be competiting with the likes of eth, bnb, bch

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thanks bang

In some months or years time, it will be competing with the likes of ETH and BNB.

that’s a great idea

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thanks sir

hopefully it can

maybe the Aptos project will be able to compete

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