What do you guys think about the whole SSL certificate on Layerzero?

Legitimate, or just a psyop? Personally i want to only focus on things within our control


Prelude to airdrop

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No one knows yet

Meanwhile start date for galxe stargate quests keep getting pushed back


Lol juust for trends

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might be a nothing burger but we keep interacting regardless

it will come, sooner rather than later

yeah no idea why they’re doing this lol

i think so too, fingers crossed

either way we dont stop til its official

just keep swimming, l0 will come

we keep ballin

airdrop is coming soon.

i think they’re legitimately airdropping soon

Soon if possible

i think its legit

we keep grinding either way fam

i hope it airdrops soon, although imma be holding my $ZRO. it will moon a la $TIA

I can’t say yet