What do you all think about aptos next?

Aptos was huge these days but yeah the community seems not to much
What do you all think about it?


Of all the projects, Aptos has the strongest community


Keep your ears on the deck

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Aptos is the best

It’s awesome what do you think?

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well lets see what the bull markets got


Bare market thing. The community will be bigger soon

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airdrop is coming, and from there fomo ensues

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its gonna be one of the top chains in 2-3 years

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I feel like it’s being slept on because of the current Airdrop meta… airdrops aside Aptos is quickly becoming one of my fav chains to use… super fast and ease of use.

there is a strong possibility of this, i concur

yeah well it does still depend on whether they keep building the ecosystem/infrastructure and community. stop moving and you die, as they say

aptos and sol on top