What could be the next Aptos move?

:white_check_mark: State your possible move in this aptos ecosystem.
:white_check_mark: Are you expecting the airdrop?


aptos will airdeop , it’s come


Can’t wait for that too boss

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@lilbot what’s your take boss?

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Did they mention any airdrop?:eyes:

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Airdrop or No-Airdrop
I’m bullish on Aptos🔥

I believe Aptos will do another Airdrop to hype the project and get more people involved in their community

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Good luck guys
Do it guys


Yes airdrop confirmed

No one knows yet

Any proof? :eyes:

It’s unpredictable and gonna be mind blowing boss

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I’m super bullish on Aptos chain

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Kudos boss man

I thought as much boss