What can you do to keep out of Sybil's?

What is your own view on what to avoid for you not to be caught as Sybil???


From my experience, old addresses are rarely marked as sybil, and also try to interact and transact on several chains.


Avoid sending same tokens to multiple wallets for a particular project


Multiple devices is the way


Not everyone has multiple devices hope you know?

Nice… sometimes I wonder how people HV 100wallets on one phone or system with been caught as a sybil…omo people juju dey work sha

Okay…thanks ,but is there any means one can know how old a wallet as been …would love to check some old wallet and how old they are.

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This is my address, the only address I use for retro and testnet and NFT, so far it has never been detected as a Sybil.


Sending funds from the same exchange to different wallets for the purpose of airdrop.

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How where you able to do this

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I used to only create one wallet and that’s the one I use until now, and transact across multiple chains.