What awaits us?

Now is a difficult time for anyone with assets in cryptocurrency. It’s time to make decisions. Some assets, including APTOS, have shown some growth and many, including me, are wondering: What should we do? Lock in a small profit or keep waiting. The recent history with ETFs has shown that the market can be influenced by a manipulator. Some “experts” say that the real bull market will be in 2025. I have been in cryptocurrency since 2021. This is my first bearish cycle and I do not know how to act myself. That’s why I’m sharing my opinion with you. I bought on a bullish cycle, as soon as I entered the market, these were high values. Then it averaged out. Now prudence and greed are fighting in me) How do you handle it? What actions are you doing? Do you do your own analysis or follow the “experts”?)


very difficult time


Two solid point to note mate:
The bull run starts this year
We are at the accumulation phase and not in the bear market.


Sounds like I got in 6m before you but also riding out my first cycle. I’ve learnt so much surviving the bear market and personally I think to make it in crypto, you’ve to be independent and not rely on the “experts”, have a thesis and plan and stick with it. I’ve been accumulating (mostly alts) at key levels and wait for the real parabolic move post halving, I think a 20-30% is near, just like it happened multiple times last bull


It just a phase

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