What are your thoughts on Aptos guys?

What are your honest review about Aptos guys???
The last I heard was that there are going to be a token unlock come 12th November 2k23, it been 2 days now and nothing comes from the team, pple panicking already, well I understand clearly how this feels, but I have been a very big fan of $Aptos right from when they started building and I’m confident they won’t sly their community, we know this, so let keep the hopium alive, GG to everyone​:muscle::muscle::heart:


Who & who Dey panic?


Welcome back

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Guy easy, no dey respond harshly


I’m trying my best broski :yawning_face:

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Who even brought out the rumors

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Lol… I’m wondering too… But rumors is normal, you know?? :joy:

Lol… Baba rest jare… Na normal post react normal :joy:

All is well I know Apto will do great

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The battle ain’t for the weak.

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All is perfect… Apto is best