What are you expecting from the Bullrun?

Bullruns are seasons in the crypto space where Bitcoin and most alt coins(other coins aside Bitcoin) pump in price. We usually see rounds of airdrops from projects launching or existing ones. This is a good one because we many people get rich from airdrops, HODLing and trading derivatives. Well, I’d advise you get the necessary knowledge first before diving headlong into buying scam tokens cos almost everyone believes that all coins do well in the bullrun. I do not want to cut your expectations short but that’s not true. Get the right books, follow the right people and take action when necessary. Make sure to be open to learning always. Please comment your views on this.


I can’t wait to witness up only again. I didn’t harness the last one well. Hopefully the next bull stays with us longer.


Thank you for this great tips

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I hope we all benefit

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Anytime mate

I hope so too mate