What are some tools for software rejuvenation?

Some tools for software rejuvenation are:

  • Software Rejuvenation - Modeling and Analysis: This is a book chapter that provides a comprehensive overview of the concept, models, and analysis of software rejuvenation. It also presents measurement-based methodologies to detect and estimate software aging and its effects on system resources. You can find this chapter on the SpringerLink website.

  • Software Reliability and Rejuvenation: Modeling and Analysis: This is a conference paper that discusses various techniques to deal with software faults in the testing and operational phases of the software. It also describes stochastic models to evaluate the effectiveness and optimal times of software rejuvenation for different scenarios. You can find this paper on the SpringerLink website.

  • Software Rejuvenation: Analysis, Module and Applications: This is a journal article that introduces the concept of software rejuvenation and its benefits for improving system availability and reliability. It also proposes a software rejuvenation module that can be integrated into any application to perform rejuvenation automatically. You can find this article on the IEEE Xplore website.

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