What aptos need to do to stand out

APTOS and SUI are two different blockchain technologies and application scenarios. APTOS aims to establish an automated and fair credit protocol platform, while SUI is dedicated to providing a decentralized financial service and application development platform. Therefore, APTOS and SUI have their own strengths in different fields.

To surpass SUI, APTOS needs to make improvements in the following aspects:

Strengthen ecosystem construction: APTOS needs to continuously expand its ecosystem, attract more partners and developers, provide more application scenarios and solutions. At the same time, APTOS also needs to strengthen its own technological research and innovation capabilities to improve platform competitiveness and user experience.

Improve transaction efficiency: APTOS needs to further optimize its transaction mechanism and process, improve transaction speed and efficiency, reduce transaction costs and risks to attract more users and investors.

Strengthen risk control: APTOS needs to strengthen the management and monitoring of risk control, establish a sound risk assessment and monitoring mechanism, ensure borrowers’ repayment ability and credit status, and prevent the occurrence of bad loans and fraudulent behavior.

Strengthen compliance and regulation: APTOS needs to comply with relevant laws and regulations, strengthen the compliance and regulation of the platform, ensure platform security and stability, and improve user trust and market competitiveness.

In summary, to surpass SUI, APTOS needs to continuously improve its technological strength and innovation capability, strengthen ecosystem construction and risk control, improve transaction efficiency and user experience, and comply with regulatory requirements and compliance regulations to establish a stable, trustworthy and competitive blockchain application platform.