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    Proton Sale / Module labs
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    A launchpad is a platform that is designed specifically for launching new coins, crypto projects, and raising liquidity. Launchpads help investors discover early-stage crypto projects before they enter into the mainstream. Over the years, launchpads have relied upon human verification system to determine which projects or tokens to launch but with the advancement of the blockchain and smart contracts, new launchpads are now choosing a different and more decentralized approach by building trustless systems through smart contracts that work together to enhance the experience of token management for businesses. Proton Sale is a platform which is designed to help end teams easily create their coin without knowledge of Move or development process. Then after that they can create their own Sale with full features of types: launchpad, fairlaunch, dutch auction, … Proton also support audit services, resource locker services, nft tool, and integrate Dao then all contributors can fully control Proton
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