Weekly news round up!

  • Layerzero hints at Token Launch
  • GBTC Premium -12.9%
  • Bancor Toekn buyback
  • Ethereum Upgrade delayed
  • Floki DAO proposal
  • $GAL Token Unlock
  • IoTeX Hard fork
  • Grayscale Chainlink $29
  • $SNT Nov 7

• GBTC premium fell to -12.9%.

• $AAVE - Aave halts Ethereum V2 and freezes V3 assets, no funds at risk.

• $BNT - Bancor’s $BNT token buyback vote is expected to start today.

• $ETH - Ethereum’s Cancun/Deneb upgrade delayed to Q1 2024, Devnet-12 likely launching in early Dec.

• $FLOKI - Floki announces DAO proposal presentation on Nov 13.

• $GAL - Galaxy to unlock 5.18M GAL tokens on today, 5.76% of cir supply.

• $IOTX - IoTeX’s v1.12.0 hardfork launches on Nov 5.

• $LINK - Grayscale Chainlink Trust ($LINK) surpassed $29

• $NAKA - Nakamoto Games teases significant announcements, signaling major $NAKA advancements.

• $SNT - Status teases a new website before Nov 7, hinting at an upcoming super-app launch.

• Magic Eden partners with Yuga Labs for an Ethereum NFT marketplace, ensuring royalties. Launch set by year-end.

• Layerzero obtained SSL Certificate on Nov 3, hinting at token launch.


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