Web3Fishing - Catch the fish of your dreams (as NFT) on Aptos Blockchain

Web3Fishing - Catch the fish of your dreams (as NFT) on Aptos Blockchain

We already have this project but on ETHEREUM+Polygon*, and we would like to make it on Aptos for all the community. It’s just for fun to help with onboarding early Aptos users.

Value Proposition:
To help early adopters with onboarding to aWeb3 at all and to Aptos blockchain for sure. To try to use their wallets, to have some NFT in Aptos Blockchain and for fun for sure (for those who love fishing first).

It already works* (without any smart-contract), but we need to migrate it on Aptos Blockchain and it will be better to create a smart-contract for sure. It seems we can do this in Q1 2023.
Team: I have a team from my Digital-agency and Startup-studio, everyone is ready to work on this free-of-charge.

Technical Architecture Overview:
You can drop us any your wishes and ideas. Feel free to join us on Discord*.

Key Risks & Challenges:
It might just be of no interest to anyone.

[] We are not sure to spam and shill here with links to websites (Opensea collection, Discord server, etc.), so let’s get as many likes as possible to this post and we are ready to show you all the links later.*

Feel free to add your ideas if you want to share it and DM me if you want to join as a Developer. It’s possible to build this project on a payment basis with many perks and for the growing number of Aptos Forum to earn money maybe.


It seems we have some likes but no comments(((

Are you ready to see this project (on Ethereum+Polygon) now to give us your thoughts on how to migrate to Aptos (and what kind of changes do we need to make)?


Here are some examples of our NFTs that exist (Do we need to redesign them?)

We have also printed cards with this NFTs))) and a magnets on a fridge which are sent to every NFT-owner who gave us postal address


We would like to use Gen-AI for our NFT, similar like this (but not sure, is it interesting or not for our NFT), take a look at the Salmon picture generated by AI


Our printed versions of the NFT-fish caught

And the same as magnets on the fridge

and one more

PS: Thank you Fishermen for this pictures and you’re welcome to Aptos, we’ll migrate on Aptos Blockchain soon with the new creatives! :pray:


Among the fish, there are common, unusual, and rare specimens.

You can catch the fish of your dreams, choose below your tackle (three options), bait (13 options), and the place of fishing (100+ options).

As a result, you will receive a completely random weight and size but strictly defined in the place and method of fishing.


great article this information was very sucessful


Well friends, I got 10 likes on the post, I give a link to the project in question (which is already working on Ethereum + Polygon), we would like to transfer it to Aptos Blockchain and make it free for the entire community!

Here’s a link -https://web3fishermen.com/
Write if you are interested or not.


Thank you very much! But did you visited our website already?

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@lunin good work. Thank you very much!

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Wow, I love fishing, wish you to finish your migrations on Aptos!

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Thank you! :pray: I’ll drop this info later!

@lion18 hey, thank you too, will drop you all the info later

Hello, Dmitry! Thank you for yuor help for getting information about Aptos.

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