Web3 socialfi earning

I will be introducing you to some big prospect in the Web3 SocialFi
This platform have grown into big project and have diverse collaboration across Web3 ecosystem L1 L2 and Nfts community

  1. Readon app
    Readon is Web3 content distribution read to earn platform build on zkySnc
    Has a strong Nft community with there Catto which trades currently at 0.3eth
    You earn point by reading Crypto articles which cut across everything you need to about Blockchain Web3 Cryptocurrency Etc

You have dialy task to do, to earn more
Daily visiting of the app earns you point
Staying consecutive days also bring more freebies

Read articles at ReadON now to win NFTs! Use my invite link ReadON is the next generation Web3 reading product -readon experience to download and register! Enter invitation code WSAZ96 to receive extra points!

  1. Phaver
    Phaver is a social Fi app, just like your mainstream social Facebook Instagram Twitter etc, Phaver is built by the Lens protocol team
    You earn stakes point from your posts when people stake on your post
    Recently introduced the CRED point for leveling up on the platform
    There are four major levels on phaver
    Download app play store and app store
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