Web3 jobs on discord

I just want to share a few tips regarding web3 jobs on discord. It’s often said that it’s difficult to get a job in web3 but the reality is you can get a job as quick as possible by following the right path. Yeah you heard that right. You will be amazed as to know that there are so patterns you follow that are absolutely wrong.

Let’s start with what are web3 jobs?
You must think it so kind of different game but in the real term it’s just same job description as to web2 but on different platform. For example, a Moderator literally is doing the work of a customer care person irl ( Answer questions, give clarifications, solve problems related to the project products etc). You literally are just working on your online through your pc or mobile phone. But there are methods of approach to secure a job when you’re conversing with a founder of a project and how to find projects with low discord member early. I will continue this topic in other posts. Kindly stay tuned


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Thanks for sharing this, i have always wanted to know how to get a web 3 job.