Web3 and Health

Web3 is time and energy consuming, trust me that’s putting it lightly. Endless waking hours devoted to surfing the web, twitter, engaging in various test-nets and main nets, hell i have been racking my brain for few hours just to make this trend.
People generally don’t worry too much about their health, with the explosion of web3, it conveniently added fuel to a crisis that’s as old as a mankind, after all a man or woman have to eat right. well yea, man has to eat but
Web3 and your health can be managed quite alright, for one take a break, go see the moon or something or maybe a dancing penguin will help. Just leave the grinding for a little while, the ‘‘Hustle never ends’’, so says a wise fellow.
Break the task into portions, doing a little bit at a time and of course sleep, this here i can’t stress enough and lastly feel free to google up other helpful tricks and advice.
Well i’m out for now :grinning: :eye: