Wear2Earn on Aptos Chain

The idea and concept is simple :

Wear a piece of clothing, and be rewarded with tokens for it.

How ?

Let’s start with an IRL cap, paired with an NFT. The same way Stepn works, you just have to walk with your cap on your head to generate tokens. Almost similar concept but different in usage.

What added value?

Branding: creating a brand of clothing that will allow wearers to be paid.

Why not create a clothing brand associated with Aptos?

Create partnerships in the world of fashion and streetwear?

There are many possibilities…

What do you think ?

SuperAptos, the expected hero :black_heart::white_heart::black_heart:


Sounds like another pyramid in which profit is generated from nowhere

don’t you think it’s possible to create a viable ecosystem on this kind of project? The value of a token remains subject to the law of supply and demand? whatever the project, only the content and the usefulness favor the price? I am not a specialist in this field but it must be possible to create a viable system over the long term. Thank you for your reaction

The idea is certainly cool, it is clear that the cost of a token depends on supply and demand, but at the same time, how to get people to buy, and not just sell, if many will receive a token simply for wearing merch.

It is necessary to thoroughly think over the mechanics and utility of the token


wear to earn? sounds like I have to buy some expensive cloth and shoes…

cool idea, but personally I dont think aptos wants to be associated with something like wear2earn


Very cool idea, perhaps an AR component would be even more engaging and interactive where members could wear Aptos themed garments in AR and post them in discord or use as pfp. Digital fashion is a fast growing industry and is still in it’s very early stages of development. I have yet to see any cool blockchain oriented digital fashion and can easily see how such a collaboration would be beneficial to both of these spaces!


Without a token, viability is higher

this is exactly one of the major issues: how to create long-term viability

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I also think the fashion world is going to have a huge impact on global adoption, and that’s also one of aptos goals.

In addition, the timid involvement of brands in the blockchain shows despite everything a growing interest for brands to collaborate with us.

The VR application could be great, especially on the possibility of being paid when our avatar wears certain clothes in the metaverse. When the metaverse will be our daily life, i think that being paid for our avatar to wear certain clothes (and therefore nfts) could be a significant opportunity.

But let’s not forget the IRL too :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s nice decision tho.


good point


nice guys, maybe better outfit will get more point or token :joy:

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maybe bro, yes)


if so, the criteria for that might be quite abstract


les see how it goes


Nice thing

Why not create a clothing brand associated with Aptos?

I think we see it soon

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The Aptos Army needs clothes

I think this is good idea! :+1: :+1: :+1: