Ways to earn badges on Aptos

Ways to earn badges on Aptos
1.Read the community guidelines (FAQ - Aptos 12 ).

2.Fill out your profile information.

3.Like this post with the “:heart:” emoji.

4.React with “:open_mouth:” emoji to this post.

5.Share this post through email by clicking on the “:envelope_with_arrow:” symbol.

6.Quote this post by using the “:repeat:” symbol.
7.Reply with a link in the reply section.
8.Reply with an image to this post.
9.Reach Trust Level 1 by participating and interacting with the community.
10.Create a new post to get likes, replies and share something with the community.
11.Read EVERY reply in a topic with at least 100 replies.
12.Like posts and comments 50 TIMES in a single day.
13.Complete the advanced user tutorial. (checkout my reply to this post down below :point_down:)


good job!


Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

Nice that was a Good