Wav3 - NFT wave making machine

Project Name / Organization :


Twitter: https://twitter.com/aptos_wave

Project Description:

Wav3 is a collection of tools, smart contracts, and more designed to make the process of creating and launching NFTs easier. While initially focused on supporting the needs of the arts and entertainment industry our plans extend far beyond that to all use cases where an NFT may add value.


  • The Wave Pool - provides a various of assistance during NFT creation, including permutation of image layers, rendering, metadata edition, IPFS access, smart contract generation and deployment.
  • Auction House- a decentralized sales protocol for NFT marketplaces

Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline:

Aug 10 2022 Will launch first version Auction House on test net

Aug 16 2022 Will launch first version The Wave Pool on test net

Team: Skills, Experience & Motivation:

We are an experienced team in crypto with high-level MOVE engineers and mkt&operation team .The team has deep experience in dealing with Web 3 on-chain experience, we came from a background of developing billion user scale application and dealing with building data applications catering to Tens of millions of daily active users. The team has a high capacity in fast product development and adoption.

Technical Architecture Overview, if applicable:

python, iOS, Android, rust, move, Typescript

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I’m early on twitter :smiley:


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Good luck guys, NFT - it’s futer sure

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Thx, NFT - it‘s futer sure.

Hey, great project :heart:. Looking forward to the discord. Don’t forget the OG roles :upside_down_face:

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Very excited to announce here! ! !
4C Labs (https://twitter.com/labs_4c ) x Souffl3 (https://twitter.com/nft_souffl3) x Wav3
Together, brought a batch of authorizations of NFT from Eth to APTOS. Looking forward to us, bro.

Super crucial tool for the ecosystem!

Pardon the comparison; but will this aim to serve as a “manifold.xyz” for Aptos?