Wallet Recovery

I got a wallet doing the Testnet which I used to runned souffl3_AptosNft with 2 Aptos wallet and I was trying to import the wallet now but wasn’t allowed

Any update/help to do on that??


Did you update the wallet?

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The wallet is on extension browser


open Extensions → active developer Mode on upright side → click on update

thanks for pointing to the right direction

everything imported fine

Yes bro. pls update u wallet and check again :wink:

Something I don’t understand now is that…

Can important address through WALLET PHRASE also need update before it can works.

This is my main question;
I created a wallet doing the Testnet time of Aptos ( when each wallet last for 7 day ) and I’m trying to recover the same wallet back with the PHRASE because I heard some are able to do it . Is that possible & how possible/can goes about it ??