VS code Extension to publish and run move code

VS code extension to run aptos move cli commands

It seems that to run the functions in the move module, there seems to be a huge command to be written which becomes difficult to write it every-time and test every function.

So i came up with this vs code extension which provides a simple UI to add the arguments and just run the command. It would run in the terminal and provide the results. The extension might need a lot of improvements but this is what i have built now and wanna hear what you all think about it


The next plans are to show a dropdown to display the types since they are only a few and also convert the string into hex since giving spaces to string is not possible.

Also in future i am thinking of reading the IDL which is generated and then show the functions and arguments related to them so that the users can easily enter them without any confusion.

If you wanna refer to the code, it is here: GitHub - dhruvja/aptos-vscode-extension

Please drop your thoughts and features you would like to have.

The extension is published to VS code here: Aptos Move Publisher - Visual Studio Marketplace


Thank u for this piece of information

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Thank you for sharing this. You’ve really helped the devs in shortening time to mainnet.

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Thank you, the information is a welcome development


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Definitely with time you can become one as we progress with time :muscle:

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