Voyage NFTS Linea

**Linea Voyage NFTS ****
Recently Linea rewarded their testnet users especialy the user who participate on Voyage quests via Galxe , it was a long Voyage of a 9 weeks containing alot of tasks !
After the end of this event and on their Alpha mainnet launch , Linea airdropped 4 Tier NFTS for their partners (community) and each tier present the work and grind of community from Tier 1 for users who acheive a big score of points to the users who do only the humanity verification and a single task + a Tier 5 NFT open mint with a 4.7M supply !
Nfts are available for sell and a lot of users are selling with a cheap price !
I personaly expect a big potential airdrop for the NFT holders !
What do you think ?