Voxgame, a new world 🎮

  • Project Name / Organization :

Voxgame, a decentralized community-driven voxel game.

  • Project Description: Goals, Plans, etc.

Voxgame decided to specialize in Voxel and create one of the best game on the market, while enjoying the added benefit of being on blockchain, which allows to incorporate both full ownership of NFTs and earnings.

Based on Aptos, Voxgame will try to change the dynamics of the game market by making several partnerships, while creating a P2E that will integrate different NFTs.

Beyond the fact that Voxgame s a game, it is above all an ambition for our team that aims to tell you a story but also to immerse you in a new world where Voxmons live, full of surprises and discoveries. But first, what are Voxmons?:thinking:

Voxmons are “Pokémon-like” creatures that leave in the world of V-Earth and can be trained, traded or sold as NFTs.

To see more, here is our Website: https://www.voxgame.io/ & our Twitter page: Twitter Voxgame

  • Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem

Today, most of the NFTs do not bring any value to the Aptos system. Voxgame intends to change this and to impose itself on Aptos by being the first collectible nft with a story, a staking system, an evolution system etc… and several other elements before launching our game.

  • Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline:

[Milestone 1]:
Create a community - Reveal all Voxmons & Roadmap of the First Season - Minting

[Milestone 2]:
Open the staking system named: Expedition with Voxdollars - continue the story - create the relic - set up more surprises

[Milestone 3]:
Make partnerships, reveal new game images and trailer, raffle, continue the story, preparing the opening of the Season 2

[Milestone 4]:
Launch of the season 2, Open our adventure system, launch the use of voxdollars, prepare the season 3

[Milestone 5]: More surprises. Card, Merchandising etc… Our roadmap has been designed to respect the progress of our history.

  • Key Risks & Challenges

Creating a universe (game) that respects a story is the biggest challenge for us because even though it is a game, the story must represent a stable economy for our community and also provide value on Aptos.


Hello, you are welcome aboard the Aptos flight. We are so happy to have you in our midst. Sit tight, fasten your seat belt and adhere to the rules, cause we are going on Aptos ride.:rocket::rocket::rocket:
Buidl nd Buidl WAGMI💪


Thanks for your words mate! LFG! :fire:

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it looks very attractive :melting_face:


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i like voxel, i currently making a few simple model, and it’s fun, hope this project will have a good ride :muscle:

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Thanks a lot for your words! Voxel is truly amazing, there is no limit. I’m pretty sur that You can create dope thing!


@cryptoseaman что ты думаешь по этому поводу?

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let me try :slight_smile:


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vox on aptos, sweet :partying_face: :grinning:


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