VOTE [AIT2] MingNode

Hello everyone, I am ming wang, a blockchain enthusiast, a mobile language learner, and a Solidity smart contract development engineer. At the same time, I am also a student, and my research direction is blockchain privacy protection. I have great passion and love for the web3 field and blockchain, and also want to contribute to the aptos blockchain project.

If I am fortunate enough to be asked by AIT2, I will always ask for AIT2 development and, 100% completion of what is officially proposed.
Because my major is the direction, my programming skills are solid, I have mastered other computer programming, linux system maintenance, and I can help community members to complete the AIT2 test task.
In the Aos Chinese community and discord, I am eager to help other problems, help solve other testnet deployment problems, share some usage methods of docker and shell commands, and solve the problems they encountered when registering and deploying verification.
I have extensive experience in shell programming, smart programming.
I also often promote aptos on social platforms such as Twitter and Chinese communities, and contribute my little power to the development of aptos.
You are also full of inspiration, like-minded, on the way of language, if the following is my contact information

Discord: mingming#3300

Finally, please vote for me, I will give you back in time, thank you very much for looking forward to meeting Rineng in AIT2.

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