Vote [AIT2] CRUZER_775

Hi all! My name is Andrew.
I will be happy to join such a cool project as Aptos! I want to be part of a community that is willing and able to create the most secure blockchain. I see in myself the strength and knowledge necessary for this even at the early stages. I hope that I will be useful and you will support my undertakings by supporting my participation in the project!

I like the idea and the pace of its development. The network topology inspires confidence and confidence in the success of the project. I understand that this is just the beginning - the journey begins by working with a decentralized community to deploy a secure and scalable smart contract platform. One can only be surprised at the prospects of the project - from smart contract platforms to infrastructure and tools for developers, wallets and decentralized applications.

I have enough experience and knowledge to build and maintain a node. I’ve been supporting the devnet node since the beginning.
My nickname is CRUZER_775